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About Yay Puppy!

YAY PUPPY GROOMING "For the LOVE of all Dogs", really is for the love of ALL dogs! From the tiniest teacup terrier to the Great Pyrenees, and every pup in between, YAY PUPPY is here to grant every wish of your FURR BABY!

Whether your Best Friend is a seasoned professional in the grooming scene, a first time nervous pup, or a rescue that needs extra special care,  YAY PUPPY specializes in making each and every grooming experience peaceful, happy and enjoyable for your Furry Friends!

YAY PUPPY GROOMING is a locally owned and operated grooming shop that strives for a calm, relaxing atmosphere to ensure the best possible outcome for not only your pup, but also for their loyal families.

Afterall, YAY PUPPY'S clients (dogs and humans) are some of our VERY BEST FRIENDS!


Why are we named YAY PUPPY?

Yay Puppy is a phrase that I have used for many, many years while training wildlife service dogs (Karelian Bear Dogs) in dangerous wildlife situations. In these situations, they, adults and puppies-in-training, were trained to push wildlife out of dangerous situations that would lead to lethal control. In over 300 pushes every year, we never had a dog or handler injured. At the end of every "push" or "action", we celebrated as a team by saying "YAY PUPPY!"

About Renee!

I'd like to introduce myself, Renee Van Camp, owner and operator of YAY PUPPY GROOMING! I have been in love with dogs for as long as I can remember. I have experience in every aspect of canines' lives, from health to fitness to socialization to training to breeding to placing service dogs to grooming, my experience with dogs is all inclusive and most definitely.... IS MY LIFE! I have been grooming dogs for over 5 years now, all breeds, all sizes! I also specialize in the needs of nervous, young or rescue dog that need extra attention to ensure their well being! I pride myself in saying "I will accept any dog with any temperament or any situation at least twice, if that is still unsuccessful, then I will work with the family to ensure future grooming experiences are a success!"

My love and care for dogs extends far past being the best groomer that I can be! The first true love of my life, Maggie, taught me how to love, trust and respect a canine beyond any power I thought I had. She led me to my future journeys and she is always with me!

Over 25 years ago, I began working with captive wolves, the "wild cousins" to each and every one of our Furr Babies! The experience I gained from the pack, really put my love for canines to a new level. I have incredible respect for the loyalty and compassion in a canine family, the pack (whether it be with other dogs, or humans, is crucial to their lives and happiness. Although wild canines, the wolves I worked with showed extreme loyalty, family dynamics and compassion, while still showing some incredible wild behaviors. 

From there I had the immense pleasure of working with Wind River Bear Institute, where I raised, trained, placed and worked Wildlife Service Dogs. These Karelian Bear Dogs are used as a non-lethal management tool for wildlife, teaching bears, moose, big horn sheep, feral pigs and many more to respect boundaries and stay clear of human presence. This allows humans and wildlife to co-exist without lethal control. My experiences with the Karelian Bear Dogs was, and still is, definitely 'Life Changing' as my respect for a dog's loyalty was, once again, so very apparent! I have worked my adult Karelian, MARA, in Canada, pushing grizzly bears out of dangerous situations. In addition, she has taught thousands and thousands of people, from all over the world, how to coexist with wildlife. Her and I have even been featured on Good Morning America, live in Times Square. She is definitely a celebrity. I have recently added her second cousin to my "Pack". She is a big, beautiful puppy named Sirkka! Mara and Sirkka are YAY PUPPY'S Shop Dogs and are always happy, smiling and wagging to meet all of our furry friends! 

After working with Wildlife Service dogs, I then helped build and manage a 120acre dog daycare and boarding facility, Wind River Tails and Trails. This was an amazing experience which gave me fantastic insights with canine communication, socialization and relationships from every breed imaginable! At Tails and Trails, I was also a trainer, specializing in FIELD MANNERS, to make dogs into the best hiking companion that they can possibly be, and teaching families how to bring success by becoming PARTNERS with their dogs, Partnership Training. 

Coming full circle, being a groomer is now rounding out my dog experience by providing all the necessary comforts to ensure happiness, health and comfort for all dogs! In my mind, EVERY DOG is a special one! EVERY FAMILY is a special one.....and my clients are not just someone walking in the door, they are my friends and canine family! 

About Me
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